• August 5, 2017 - August 6, 2017
    11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Flock Yeah Denver! We are so excited for this 18th Flock Yeah Event. Past events have been in, San Francisco, Toronto Canada, Vancouver BC, Nashville, San Diego, Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Portland Oregon, Albuquerque New Mexico, Queens New York, and Norwalk Connecticut

Delta, B.C.
Queens, NY

Flock Yeah events were born from a desire to get more of that feeling. The feeling I’m talking about is the one you get when you go to a birth conference, and you had the opportunity to make a new life long friend. That same feeling you have days later because you learned a bunch there. That feeling from maybe having a moment to talk to a speaker you admired.
You know that feeling recalling late nights up talking about shared passions? I LOVE all those feelings after a birth conference! However what I don’t enjoy is how mind numbing the long days can be, the formality, name tags, trudging from one class to another, trying to choose between hearing one speaker or another. Or how difficult it can be to carve out a moment with someone you admire. So, we took all of our favorite parts of conferences and smooshed ’em together. Everything I adore about birth conferences without the stuff I can do without.



Did I mention we were going to have fun? Well we are and I am going to be honest here, I will most likely have the MOST fun! I love our speakers sooo much and so will you!
Wait, want to get more of what that FEELING is?
Watch this

Watch this

Why Flock Yeah!

The purpose of Flock Yeah are three fold.
1. We want to provide you with Information that will help build your business.

2. We want you to meet and make new friends. For me Flock Yeahs are all about the connections and relationships that are built

3. We want you to leave refreshed, and ready to jump back in.

My favorite part about Flock Yeah’s (Well, ONE of my favorite parts) is the speakers. No two Flock Yeah’s are the same. The speakers make all the difference. This Denver Flock Yeah theme is:


Let me introduce our speakers to you.

Summer Jesse Forrest
I met Summer almost 5 years ago and she has helped to change my life! 

She is powerful, gentle, warm and fierce all at once. She has become my life coach slowly over the years, first just through watching her transform her life. She inspired me. I looked at what summer did and has done and thought. I want to be like that. I asked Summer to join us to help us find new ways to find out what our paths can truly be when we are willing to dive deep. Summer’s speaking style is fun, relatable, conversational, empowering and genuine. She shares real and tangible ways to make dramatic and powerful changes in her life and students leave with real tools and are more equipped at making real changes in their careers!
We will be listening, writing, doing hands on work and deep sharing while laughing and crying. I am so excited to spend time with this thoughtful and powerful human being. She is not to be missed, want to be a whole new you in 2017? This is how we begin.
I’ve often thought it unfair that women are expected to stay at home when there’s a fight to be won. If a
woman has the strength to bear a child, she can swing a sword as well as any man.” -Karen Hawkins

Joe Valley

Joe Valley is a daddy to two boys, both born at home thanks to the amazing powers of his wife,Andrea Valley. Joe and Andrea developed curriculum for expectant dads and taught a classcalled Empowered Papa, which has expanded to teach birth professionals counseling skills fordeveloping empathic relationships with expectant fathers. Joe has a masters in communitycounseling and over 5 thousand hours working with families. Joe now works as a designer inthe digital agency setting and has created over 70 websites for childbirth professionals.

Joe will talk with us about using empathy in the modern world. Ever have an exchange with someone that left you feeling fulfilled? How did that happen? What did that person do that felt so right? Learn some skills in doing that for others, helping to recognize and fill the needs in both the professional and personal setting. Dive into the world of finesse and communication. Bask in the grooviness of fluid connection. Kick some serious relationship building ass. And treat yourself to some sweet, sweet empathy.


Gena Kirby
I will be sharing tools and tips that will make being a doula in a hospital setting a little easier. I will also be sharing mystical and mythical stories and skill sets that can help you be the best doula you can be.
I am a doula, a childbirth educator and a radio show host (I just celebrated my 10th yr hosting!). I have served on the board of directors of Attachment Parenting International for over five years and yadda yadda yadda. Just come, we will have a blast. We will be doing some rebozo stuff, cuz that’s what makes me happy.

See you soon! xoxoxo


There is a SPECIAL TICKET for ONLY 6 folks. Join me on Friday night for special Dinner and a Discussion. It’s sounds simple but we will be doing magic! We will be conjuring laughing and we will be discussing:


  1. Infusing your power
  2. SEX
  3. COOKING (I will share how I make my famous Risotto Venerem in real time)
  4. Orgasm how to get them, and what they mean and how they affect manifestation

*We will supply the food and a few bottles of champagne. You don’t want to miss this (phones and keys will be taken at door, you have been warned*)
Arrange for drop off and pick up of yourself.

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