• April 29, 2017
    12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Why Flock Yeah! from Progressive Parenting Network on Vimeo.

I am excited, thrilled and so happy to announce this FLOCK YEAH! Mini Birth Conference.
So far we have held  trainings in Nashville Tennessee, Dallas Texas, San Francisco California, Toronto Canada, San Antonio Texas, San Diego California, Austin Texas, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles California, Albuquerque New Mexico, Norwalk Connecticut, Vancouver Canada and Queens New York.

Our speakers, thus far, have been internationally known, moving & inspirational. This event will be no different.
Right now we are in the process of booking our two speakers outside of myself. PLEASE contact us and let us know who you would like me to bring.

Flock Yeah events are unlike other birth conferences in that we aren’t just hoping to educate, we are hoping to inspire introspection, change and growth. It’s not enough for us to share knowledge we want to share love, inspiration, community and good will. Love? Yes we said love. Can you imagine your world without it? We can’t and we want our workshops to be just chock full of it.

My favorite thing about Flock Yeah events is hanging out with old friends and making new ones. I love presenting, it’s not teaching it’s a presentation, what you take from what I share is up to you. If you don’t know me yet here’s a lil about me:

Gena Kirby is a doula childbirth educator,doula trainer. Gena has shared the wonders of the rebozo internationally to over 1,000 students. She is the founder of Flock Yeah 551052_4408205687009_1159918933_nAdvanced Doula Trainings International and host of Progressive Parenting Radio. Gena has served on the board of directors for Attachment Parenting International for 5 years and is a fierce advocate for families. She is dedicated to sharing ideas about birth that haven’t been shared culturally in America. Her podcast Progressive Parenting Radio just celebrated it’s 10th year. Gena strives to educate and uplift birth professionals, and present them with exciting new ideas to help them better serve their clients.

What you get from Gena
The Mindful Doula.
We will delve in to mindfulness and how it can help you become a more intuitive source. Mindfulness taps into the most precious resource in any organization, business or practice: attention. And if you can learn to harness and improve the quality of your own attention, you and your clients will benefit.

Dads and Doulas.
Bringing the birth partner into the experience. We will explore the mind of a dad, what his needs are and how best to include him in the pregnancy and labor. How to involve him right from the start; the first prenatal. You will learn how to use the rebozo to accomplish much of this.
Gena’s portion of the day is worth 4 CEUs

We have a surprise special guest speaker we will be announcing once we have 24 registrations, so sign up today!
xoxoox-Gena Kirby